I can turn ANY of my Paint-Party paintings (or any image of your choice) into a painted-for-you work of art, in any size you would like.

I can also turn any of the Paint-Party paintings into a mural, onto a partial or full wall, in your home, or business.

Contact me regarding the painting-choice, and the pricing.

Additionally, if you would like anything else in your home/business transformed with paint-magic, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s what I did with the risers on a client’s stairs – each step is now an inspirational message:Painted Stairs by Dena Lynn

Once upon a time, I flew to Poland, where I created this magical “Patchwork Soul” door-frame, on a cottage. Nine years later, it’s holding up, despite the harsh elements.Patchwork Soul theme Door-frame in Poland, by Dena Lynn

I was commissioned by a client to paint a vineyard scene (complete with a white buffalo), upon his kitchen island:

Hand-Painted Vineyard Mural on Kitchen Island

Hand-Painted Mural by Dena Lynn