For a Kids’ Paint-Party, I collaborate with community centers, schools, clubs, scout-troupes – anyone who’s interested in instilling confidence and competence into youth of all ages.  I’m very flexible in how I can work with you – contact me, and we’ll create a wonderful way in which to inspire the next generation.

If you are a teacher, superintendent, administrator, group-leader, or director of a community center, and you would like to have me teach kids how to become more competent and confident, through the magic of paint, just reach out, and I’ll collaborate with you to make it happen.  I use the same paintings that I use to teach adults.


On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, I do an in-person kids’ Paint-Party at the McMinnville Community Center. We abide by all health guidelines, regarding masking and distancing, to protect the children. Art-camps are held with the McMinnville Community Center, every Spring and Winter break, as well as a 5-day art-camp in August, each year.

Call the Community Center to register, or for more information:  503-434-7310


You can also request a Private Kids’ Paint-Party – great for birthdays!

If you’d like to have a private Kids’ Paint-Party, reach out – just use this form: