Hand-Painted Table by Dena Lynn

Antique/Victorian Side-Table

Hand-Painted Table by Dena Lynn

Antique/Victorian Tea-Table


You’ve stumbled upon the world of SERENDIPITIES by Dena, and my Wonderland Art… where I share my whimsically hand-painted furnARTure & accessories with those who are looking for something off the beaten track.

I’m a folk artist — completely self-taught. I discovered that I could paint at age 40, that I had a gift of coordinating/clashing various colors and patterns, in a way that “breaks the rules” and yet delights the senses. I take great pleasure in giving stuffy and serious furniture the “permission” to express their inner frivolity & hidden beauty, all the while retaining their inherent functional usefulness… a lamp still lights up the room, even while it lights up the heart.

Serendipity means “an unexpected treasure”… my life is akin to a scavenger hunt.  As I scour the countryside, looking for unwanted and forlorn furniture to rescue, repair and resurrect, I often come upon an unexpected treasure hiding in a yard sale, a flea market, a thrift store, or even a dumpster (yes, I horrify folks by digging in the trash!). I bring home these discounted diamonds in the rough, seeing past the rough exterior, into the hidden potential. After cleaning, repairing, and priming each piece (creating a blank canvas), I let the inner joy and beauty of each piece come out — I’m often as surprised and delighted as anyone else, to discover what it “wanted” to look like, as the unexpected treasure emerges.  I’ve been called “the furniture-whisperer.”

(for the record, I see human beings the same way…)

Hand-Painted Table by Dena Lynn

Craftsman Side Table

Four Seasons Clock/Table by Dena Lynn


After each piece is “adopted” by the new owner, my desire is that this treasure will continue to inspire delight and joy, as it catches the eye, and brings a smile — transforming the mundane moment-at-hand into an unexpected treasure.

I have a covert plan, to infect the world… invading every home on the planet with one of my creations, lightening each heart, and bringing about a contagious harmony! I’m out to transform the planet — one piece of furnARTure at a time!

And yes, I can be commissioned — whether you want me to transform an item you already own, or ask me to hunt-and-find something specific for you.

Hand-Painted Lamp by Dena Lynn

Vintage Brass Lamp

If it holds still ~ I can paint it.

Hand-Painted Victorian Commode Cabinet by Dena Lynn