The team that plays-together, thrives-together!Challenge + Laughter + Accomplishment = Team-Building!

When people sit next to one another with a blank canvas and paint, it levels the playing-field — they’re usually intimidated and self-conscious.
A competent facilitator uses those obstacles, drawing them out and leading teams to support and encourage each other.

Lots of laughter – And the success of creating a work of art.
As well as creating a connective/collaborative/cohesive working environment.

For a Team-Building Paint-Party or Event, I would love to work with you to bring your Team together… so that your entire business is both more connective, and more successful. You can choose from a painting I already offer, OR I can create a painting specifically for your organization (no additional fee). I would love to meet with you, to create an Event that specifically targets the issues your Team is facing, and facilitate some brilliantly-creative solutions. Just reach out, using the form below, and we’ll collaborate to make the magical solutions happen.

1. “Follow the Artist” Paint-Event: 2 hours. $35/person

2. Business-Logo Paint-Event: 2 hours, create a painting based on your business logo. $35/person

3. Business-Logo Mural Paint-Event: 3 hours. We create a large mural, out of many 20 x 16 canvases. $40/person

4. Healthy-Competition Paint-Event: 3 hours. 2 teams, each competing, w/ a different painting. Winner of each team competes by vote. $40/person

5. Round-Robin Paint Rotation: 3 hours. Each person would paint their own favorite color, as background, on the canvas. We all rotate from canvas to canvas, for about 5 min. each, painting an expression of how that person represents. The original painter then paints something about themselves that nobody else knows about them. $50/person

6. Paint-Your-Experience: 3 hours. We would each share a situation that feels “heavy,” and then paint that on the canvas – afterwards, we discuss it. $50/person

7. Team-Building Paint Workshop: 4 hours. Customized for you. Discussion, exercises, paint. $60/person

Contact me to talk about how to customize a team-building workshop for YOUR team!