Intuitive/Improvisational Art on Reclaimed Canvas by Dena Lynn

Intuitive/Improvisational Art on Reclaimed Canvas

I want to paint Soul-Portraits — of YOUR Soul.

Here’s how it works: You and I have a phone (or in-person if nearby) consultation (for about an hour), wherein you would talk about your dreams, fears, desires, calling, purpose, passions, personality, quirks, shadows and fortes. You talk about how you see YOU. I will also ask questions designed to draw you out — if appropriate, I can use hypnotherapy to access your subconsciousness.

I then go through your social media profile(s), or other photos you provide… intuitively picking up your energy, your presence, your beingness.

I then combine the shamanic illumination process with my art, to create a unique, abstract, even channeled, portrait of your beingness. I’ll offer various sizes of canvases from which you can choose.

I ship the portrait to you, along with a detailed written expression of my impressions.

You can choose one of several different packages.