The Introduction

Hi there – I’m Dena Lynn, owner of Serendipities by Dena. I’m an irrepressibly creative-human, and a self-taught folk-artist.

My mission on planet Earth is to inspire every human I encounter to see and be who they truly are... and to find/discover/inspire beauty, everywhere I go. It’s what I can’t not do.

For decades now, I’ve been turning everyday-objects into art (Wonderland Art by Dena, hand-painted furnARTure & accessories), and everyday-humans into artists (Paint-Fun with Dena, a plethora of Paint-Parties).Table

I would love the opportunity to introduce you to your own inner-artist, and bring ’em out to play.  I believe in meaningful-FUN!

The Beginning

I launched my own business on Leap Day of 2016, taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Since then, I’ve taught 1000s of people, from age 5-95, that yes, they can paint, and yes, it’s way more fun than they thought it would be!  It’s my belief/experience that unleashed creativity doesn’t remain in the confines of the Paint-Party, but gloriously spills over onto every aspect of one’s life. When you courageously and playfully show up to paint with me, your inner-artist rewards you by infusing vibrancy into the rest of your life… your sense of confidence and competence, your relationships, your career, even your mental/emotional well-being are enhanced.  All because you showed up.Dena Leading Art Event

All that’s required is your curiosity and willingness—I do the rest.  I bring everything you need for the experience, and I walk you through the entire painting, step by step, giving you guidance in the form of both instruction and inspiration.

The Paint-Party EventsHappy Painters at Dena's Event

For several years, I’ve offered Public Paint-Parties, in restaurants, wineries, breweries, community centers, retirement communities, schools—anywhere in which humans gather.  I’ve also offered Private Paint-Parties in homes and businesses, Kids’ Paint-Parties, Seniors’ Paint-Parties… as well as FUNdraiser Paint-Parties, Paint-Party retreats, and Team-Building Paint-Events for businesses.  I look forward to when it is safe to do all of those again.

Meanwhile, to offer a safe environment in which to create, I am offering public and private Paint-Parties through Zoom (which means anyone can join in, from anywhere, not just locally), and I will work with you to create a safe in-person private Paint-Party, or event, in your home or business, as well.

Wonderland Art by Dena LynnThe Wonderland Art

And if you’re looking for unique, innovative, one-of-a-kind art for your home or business, or for unforgettable gifts… check out my Wonderland Art selections — I transform ordinary furniture, accessories and other objects into functional art!  And YES, I am commissionable! I can transform what you already own, or even a wall of your home/business, into an heirloom-quality work of art.