About Me

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Welcome to Serendipities by Dena.

Allow me to share a bit about who I am, and my vision:

I’m the owner and artist of Serendipities by Dena.  It is my intention and delight to bring art to as many people as possible:

  • To the Community, through established businesses (restaurants, wineries, breweries, etc. – I will work with you to ensure that our collaboration is mutually-beneficial – contact me for details);

  • At office locations (physicians, dentists, government, etc – wonderful team-building experience);

  • For private clubs (adult or children);

  • For hospitals, prisons, other services;

  • For private in-home parties  (birthdays, holidays, “just because we want to have fun!”).

Contact me for more information, to explore options together.  As a one-woman operation, I can be flexible, to meet your needs and wants.

“Serendipity” is a Sanskrit word that means “an unexpected treasure.”  A surprising delight that shows up in one’s life.  It’s my hope that I can provide a serendipitous encounter to everyone who partakes in an art class with me, who experiences an art-workshop, or who purchases a hand-painted piece of furniture.

I’ve instructed and inspired hundreds of people, of all ages and experience levels, to turn a blank canvas into a work of art.

I’m a self-taught folk-artist, who discovered that I could paint rather late in life, and it’s my intention to inspire others to also find their own inherent (and perhaps hidden) creativity, and to instruct them in how to bring it forth. This creativity, once discovered and nurtured, tends to spill over into all aspects of one’s life.  So whether you want to bring forth your soul’s deepest expressions, or you just want to have fun, I invite you to explore what your own unleashed creativity can do to enhance your own life!


In addition to my art-classes, I also sell original works of art, either from my gallery, or commissioned, to include drums, walking/talking sticks, and other shamanic art.  Examples can be found on my Facebook business page.

Another specialty of mine is hand-painted furniture, mirrors, lamps, and “anything that holds still” for me to paint.  I specialize in both items I rescue/restore/transform, or in transforming an item you already own.

For more information and photos of past works, go to:
My FurnARTure Site.