West Valley Taphouse – Debut …!

West Valley Taphouse April 5

I announce, with great delight, the uber-success of the debut of art classes at West Valley Taphouse, in Dallas, Oregon!

Fun was had, the art was unleashed, the food was to die-for, the beer-and-wine list is astonishing, the atmosphere is both relaxed and intimate, the service was excellent, the conversation was lively, the laughter was plentiful, and LOOK at the amazing art that came out of these people!

The debut was so mutually successful, that I was invited to return back for a regularly-scheduled scenario.  Our next class at this venue will occur on Tuesday, April 26th, and then continuing every two weeks!

Being two blocks from my home, this is my local turf!  SO thrilled to have a home-base right here in Dallas, Oregon!

It’s gonna get gooder and gooder … come out and play!


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